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addiction to connection

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Please note: Due to maintenance, our website may be unavailable a few days in September!


The isolation of active addiction can often become that comfortable norm, and the pain of moving on can often seem unbearable. Just know this - you are not alone. We have been there before, and while this first step is yours and yours alone to take, we can help you with the rest.

Things to note:

*No outside referral is required.


*The cost for stay is geared to income; no one is turned away based on financial factors. We are not covered by OHIP.

*Potential clients must not have any outstanding criminal charges in order to be accepted. All charges must be resolved before acceptance, and we do not accept clients who are on bail.


*Personal recovery goals must be compatible with a 12 step approach and abstinence based philosophy.


*Applicants on drug replacement therapy such as methadone will be referred to another program, and are asked to wean off before applying.


*Accepted applicants' mental and physical health must be stable enough to fully participate in an intensive and structured environment.

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