The Daily Road
April 2021 - Edition 120
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Editors Note.

Oh April. It’s so nice to see you again. It has officially been flip-flop season for the past few weeks (well, for myself anyways) and this change in weather and season always brings a new skip into my step.

And with this season, the quarterly edition of The Daily Road is something new here at Jericho Road. We wanted ways to connect more directly with those in our circle (yes you!), as emails and anything tech are getting old during this covid-19 pandemic.

Every quarter you can expect to receive some physical mail from us, highlighting what is and what is to come. Yes, we will be still sending out monthly emails as well!

As always, this edition has stories of hope, community and passion for addiction recovery.

We have started highlighting the clean dates of clients, residents and alumni as well as those people and donors in our community who are making a difference.

There is so much gratitude that we can embrace on a day-to-day basis that we wanted to share some of it with you


The story of Hope’s journey is especially important to myself and the other staff here, as we get to look back and reflect on all the growth that has occurred since she has connected with our lives.

The laughs, the tears and even the butting of heads we all have done has given us new opportunities to learn and to love deeper.

Let’s let this spring grow in us a new desire of passion as we mature forward in our recovery and lives. Chat soon.

Jonathan Langille
Media & Communications Coordinator

Discovering the journey each person takes on the path to recovery.

~ The Daily Road

Celebrating Milestones.

Dan G: 2 Years Clean

March 26, 2019

Pete C: 30 Years Clean

March 4, 1991

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