The Daily Road
May 2021 - Edition 121
Editors Note.

Spring has sprung! Minus a few snowflakes here and there.

After reviewing the content in this edition of the Daily Road, I am reminded of the subtle and profound changes that happen to all of us in community and connection.


When most of us come to Jericho Road, we don't come in with an expectation that everything will be different. Sure, when looking for treatment, we hope that things will be different, but I don't think any of us could fully grasp the changes that occur in our thinking, behaviour and attitudes. 

Being and living in community, we are reminded that "we are each others eyes and ears" as the NA Basic text describes. As it is through the eyes and ears of others that we begin to notice those changes taking place in our lives, and when the summer comes we are often rewarded with the full-bloom of these changes. 

I look forward to that 'full-bloom' that takes place in our residents, friends and community when we continue to grow together, outside of the isolation of active addiction. 

Jonathan Langille
Media & Communications Coordinator

Just one beer...
Celebrating Milestones.

Courtney S. 
8 Years Clean

James L
Graduated the Dhouse!

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