The Story of Jericho Road…


In the early 1990's Jericho Road Coffeehouse was established as a program and weekly drop-in for vulnerable and marginalized persons.

The drop-in continues to operate to this day on a weekly basis at Jules Morin Field House and averages 40 persons per week. The Coffeehouse provides a supportive and caring environment with music, munchies and a message.

By 1997 Jericho Road had opened it first group home for men living with mental illness. Jericho continued to expand and grow with more homes opened to provide further support for men in need. Around 2005, Jericho Road began developing what we now call the Discipleship House, or D-House for short - a drug/alcohol treatment program. This 9-month residential program is our response to the epidemic of addiction.


Life with addiction and mental illness is often a life of isolation. Jericho Road encourages life in community. Meals are served family style, chores and duties are shared, which helps residents develop a sense of belonging and shared responsibility for the house and property. We are blessed to provide each resident with their own bedroom to respect independence, while encouraging connection in our common areas with conversation, group activities and that needed relaxation time.


Jericho Road adapted a traditional 12-Step model for recovery in all of our homes in 2015. The 12 Steps as developed by Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935 has helped countless people recover from a hopeless state of mind and body. This indispensable tool is one of our recovery foundations for all our residents, both those with addiction or living with mental illness, and can be used by anyone seeking more freedom in their lives.

This year, in 2018, Jericho Road has been working to develop what we call the Servant-Leader in Training Internship. This internship provides graduates of the Discipleship House an opportunity to take on leadership roles within our community and develop workplace and life experience.

From its establishment in 1993, Jericho Road has provided alcohol and drug-free, safe, affordable homes for men living with addiction and mental illness. Today, our residents both past and present, are consistently supported with an open-door policy to all our homes. We welcome them into our family-style units to grow in support and expand our ripple to the broader community. We help individuals build support networks of regular recovery meetings, sponsors and connection to faith & recovery communities.

Jericho Road currently has 9 beds in the D-House addiction treatment, and 24 beds in our second stage and support homes for a total of a 33-bed capacity. On average 21 men participate in the D-House each year. Of the residents who complete the program, 90% of the men choose to stay at one of our second stage homes to receive continued support as they grow in relationship with God, self and others.