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addiction to connection

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Insights into Addiction

Addiction affects everyone - not only does it run rampant in the life of the addicted person but it also affects those closest to them - their family, friends, employers and greater society. Despair, isolation, regret and compromised boundaries are but a few of the emotions someone feels when their loved one is caught in the grips of addiction. At Jericho we recognize that addiction affects the whole community, and requires a community response.

Our Response

The Insights Into Addiction & Recovery workshop is specifically tailored for the addict’s community - their family, friends, faith networks and employers. This interactive workshop highlights what addiction is, the effects to the addict themselves and the community at large and most importantly, what WE can do about it. The opposite of addiction is connection, not just sobriety. Let’s partner together in confronting an epidemic that touches us all.

To book this workshop for your small group, congregation or workplace, use the form below or give us a call at our main office.

Please note that we are still booking ONLINE workshops during COVID-19.

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