Matt Dagenais


“Seek the kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.” Matthew 6:33 NLT


Transformation. I was in desperate need of a new life and I found it in Jesus! Growing up I had no understanding of God, His goodness, or that He had a purpose for my life. Unloved and neglected, I tried to find any kind of attention as a child. At 15 years old, depression and hopelessness settled inside me and I turned to drugs to numb all the pain. For 15 years forward I was a slave to drugs and a life of crime to get the drugs that numbed all the pain inside. The high’s got shorter, the lows went deeper, and suicide seemed like the only lasting solution.

God’s solution was jail. While there, I met an inmate who caught my attention. He was being bullied for reading the Bible. When I questioned why he put up with all the insults, he said, “Matt, there’s nothing they can say or do to steal the joy I have. I gave my life to Christ a while ago. I know who I am in Christ and they can’t take that away from me.” Soon I got a Bible from the chaplain and began to read the Gospel of John. Over the course of three days and nights, my prayers grew in belief. On the third night, I chose to surrender to God’s way and confessed all the sins that had been weighing heavy on me for years. Through my tears, an overwhelming tingling sensation flowed into my chest filling me with peace, comfort, joy and hope. A feeling that no drug, alcohol, sex, criminal activity, gambling, or pornography could even come close to matching. God’s love was pouring into me through His Spirit! I woke up the next morning a changed man. I saw the world through the eyes of Jesus.

Released from jail, I joined a 9-month Christian program for addictions recovery at Jericho Road Christian Ministries. Over the following year, I received counselling, pastoring, inner healing, discipleship through bible studies and belonging in a local church community. I was able receive healing from God that dealt with the roots of my addictions. The Love of The Father was filling and over flowing my emptiness and I now had something to give to others.

Following God’s will for my life, I was offered a full-time position to work at Jericho Road Christian Ministries. The blessings I have received are priceless. Through God’s faithfulness I’ve been sober since July 29 2014 and through the love of the Father I help others who struggle with addictions. I not only received purposeful full-time employment, but a new chance at life with a beautiful Christian girlfriend who after two years is now my wife and best friend.