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addiction to connection

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Our early years

In the early 1990's, our founder Ray Desmarais began the Jericho Road Coffeehouse as a weekly drop-in for marginalized persons.

By 1997 Jericho Road had opened it first home for men living with mental health issues. Over the years, Jericho continued to expand and grow with more homes to provide further support for men in need. Around 2005, Jericho Road developed the Discipleship House, or D-House for short. This 9-month residential treatment program is our response to the epidemic of addiction.

We strongly believe that the opposite of addiction is connection. Since a life of isolation is often the norm for persons with substance use and concurrent disorders, Jericho Road encourages life in community. Meals are served family style, chores and duties are shared, and the program is based on 12-step peer-supported principles, which help residents develop a sense of belonging and shared responsibility for their community and their recovery.

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