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addiction to connection

Where we are now

In 2018, Jericho Road developed the Servant-Leader in Training Internship. This provides graduates of the Discipleship House an opportunity to take on leadership roles within our community and develop workplace and life experience.

Throughout the history of the Discipleship House, we have always known and seen the effects of addiction being a family disease. In the beginning of 2020, we again responded to a growing need in our community and started our Family Support meetings. These weekly meetings provide a safe and anonymous space for the family and friends of people with substance use disorders.

As the infamous year of 2020 continued, the COVID-19 pandemic brought to light the need for expansion to meet the decline in available recovery options. Expanding our residential program has always been on our hearts, yet the pandemic brought us to that leap of faith much quicker than anticipated. The ongoing isolation and lockdowns were devastating for vulnerable communities, with an increase in substance use, overdose, suicide and substance related deaths.

In response to the ongoing social isolation that COVID-19 brought on, we expanded the Discipleship House from 9-14 beds, grew our online presence and created spaces for people to connect from afar with programs and virtual conversations like The Recovery Connection Podcast, and it’s predecessor 3 O’clock Talks.

Current News

Jericho Road is turning 30!

Join us for our Annual Celebration Meeting on June 8th and celebrate this milestone with us!

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