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addiction to connection

Where we are going

We are blessed to provide each resident with their own bedroom to respect independence and privacy, while encouraging connection in our common areas with conversation, group activities and that needed relaxation time.

From its establishment in 1993, Jericho Road has provided safe, substance free, affordable homes for men living with addiction and concurrent disorders. Today, our residents both past and present, are consistently supported with an open-door policy to all our homes. We welcome them into our family to grow with support and expand our ripple to the broader community. We help individuals build support networks of regular 12-step and recovery meetings, sponsors, and connection to faith communities.

Jericho Road currently has 14 beds in the D-House addiction treatment, and 19 beds in our continuing care homes for a total of a 33-bed capacity. On average 21 men participate in the D-House each year. Of the residents who complete the program, many of the men choose to stay at one of our continuing care homes to receive ongoing support as they grow in relationship with God, self and their community.

Current News

Jericho Road is turning 30!

Join us for our Annual Celebration Meeting on June 8th and celebrate this milestone with us!

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