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addiction to connection

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Amy Lauber

I first got connected to Jericho Road when I was working at Salem Storehouse. Every Friday, residents from the Discipleship House would come in for their weekly volunteer work with us.

Over time I got to know some of the guys and hear a bit of their stories – I was amazed at their honesty and vulnerability. A little while later I started volunteering with Jericho, helping with the planning of the Coldest Night of the Year event. It was from there that I was offered a position as a House Supervisor, working with the Continuing Care residents.

Throughout my time as Jericho, I learned so much! One of the key things was that I need connection and support as much as people in addiction recovery. For the last 5 years now, I have been attending Al-Anon meetings, and have found that support.

On of the things I am currently working on is finding new ways to connect with my Higher Power and increase me “conscious contact” with Him. When I hear others share about their connection with God and the different ways they are aware of Him, it encourages me but also reminds me of the things I have forgotten along the way – the basics.

To those that may still be struggling, I say “You’re not along, and you don’t need to try to do it on your own.” There is hope, and there are many people who have gone ahead of you and found freedom and serenity. I also say this to the family and friends of those with a substance use disorder.

On my free time, I love to cycle and be outdoors as much as possible.

Continuing Care Coordinator

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