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addiction to connection

John McCloskey

I first got connected to Jericho Road in 1998 after I graduated their addiction treatment program. Throughout much of my life I face homelessness and alcoholism as well as poverty and lack. During my time at Jericho Road, I have been able to learn, and continue to learn boundaries and self-control.

I have found that much of success has come from learning how to ask for help, and then allowing the community to pray and assist during challenging times.

It is so important to share that Jericho Road is saving lives. It’s a place that offers hope to the hopeless. For anyone still struggling and just surviving – there is a way out and that involves the courage to change.


Current News

It's cold out there!

Looking for a way to help us impact the lives of those struggling with addiction, homelessness and poverty?

Let's put on our boots and step out into the Coldest Night of the Year.

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