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Kevin Williams

In 2011, my life was anything but spectacular. After too many episodes of alcoholic chaos I found myself at the doors of Jericho Road seeking help as a client. I was full of fear, I was living without purpose, and I couldn't figure out why I was so unsatisfied with life to the point of not wanting to live anymore.

One of the first and most profound things I learned here is that there is a God - and I'm not it! My entire life I was 'driving the bus', and wondered why I ended up in the ditch so often. At first, I was unaware of how my Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) were affecting my life, and how the traumas I experienced as a child were contributing to my self-defeating behaviours. But I learned in the community of Jericho Road that there was a way out.

Many years and many learning curves later, I find myself in a leadership position and I can share the hope that I found with those walking through the door. I understand this is one of the messages of recovery - shared hope, from one alcoholic to another. I can give that hope and help no matter how old I am, or where I am living.

Even though I love community (I really do), I can still struggle with "letting go and letting God" in situations that irritate or baffle me. If they would just listen! It's this community that becomes a resource and support when things go awry, by helping me stay out of self and holding me accountable. This continuously gives me the opportunity to be of service.

We have seen so many people walk through our doors and struggle to surrender to the principles. But when they do, profound changes occur. I will even run into some of the men who don't complete the program from time to time - they will often share with me some of the positive impact and experiences they had while at Jericho. There are so many stories that have touched my heart.

I always share with those coming in – “surrender is a paradox that makes recovery possible”. Let others help you.

I look forward to the new adventures and experiences that this community will bring - I'm even learning how to play the banjo, which is teaching me lots about patience and self-awareness and I hope that one day I can share it with my community.

Thank God for my recovery, and for the community of Jericho Road.

Executive Director

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