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addiction to connection

Rob Hall

In 1997 I came to Ottawa after a family intervention on January 31st. I was staying at the Sheps (Shepherds of Good Hope) where I met Ray Desmarais. It was that day that I moved into Jericho.

Throughout my life I have struggled with alcoholism, addiction, and schizophrenia. I have learned through my time at Jericho that I’m actually quite a nice person. I’m also very hardworking and faithful to God and others. As I continue down this path, I hope to see things continue going well and having a full life. I want to continue my growth and continue my self-improvement. I might like to do some travel one day.

Community has challenged me to get the most out of my work, and how to be a better friend to my friends. I’m no longer running away and have built regular connections with my friends. I want people to know that the program works. It does take time, but it is well worth the results. To any newcomers I would tell them to keep going to meetings and pick up a 24-hour chip. Miracles happen everyday and God makes miracles happen when we co-operate with his will.

I love how much laughs I have with my roommates now, and I’ve become the kind and joyous person I have always wanted to be.


Current News

Jericho Road is turning 30!

Join us for our Annual Celebration Meeting on June 8th and celebrate this milestone with us!

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