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addiction to connection

Our People

“When we bring our faces close to the mosaic, we can admire the beauty of each stone. But as we step back from it, we can see that all these little stones reveal to us a beautiful picture, telling a story none of these stones can tell by itself.” - Henri Nouwen

This page is not just about the ‘success stories’ that we see here at Jericho Road, but rather it is the story of us. It is who we are. Our people. Our history. Our future. Our success. Our mistakes.


Together, we are the ties that bind. Celebrate life with us as we share the journey of Jericho Road through the things that make us - our people.

Evan van Roon

House Supervisor

Coming Soon

Jon Ruby

Friend of Jericho

We owe much gratitude to Jon Ruby for helping to develop the addiction program here at Jericho Road. Since his time as the Director of Addictions, he has helped shape to evolution of our program until he passed on the baton to Kevin Williams.

Rob Hall


Rob is one of our shining examples of the program in action. He has overcome so many obstacles and challenges in his life, and lives happy joyous and free today.

Alan Solheim

Board Chair

Alan has been our Board Chair for many years now and his ability to strengthen our team is unparallel. He has brought so much to the team!

Jonathan McAdam

House Supervisor

Jonathan is an amazing friend and supporter of Jericho Road. He joined our team in November 2020 as the official weekend supervisor and art teacher! We are honored by your passion.

Blake Alexander


Blake has always had a passion for the creative beauty of music, and his passion shows through his work with Red & White Records and his own personal music career. His unique personality shines through his work.

Dennis Nazarenko

Board Member

Dennis is a board member here at Jericho Road, starting with a commitment at the weekly Coffeehouse. His involvement over the years has brought new understanding to his own life.

Shane Letts


Shane graduated the program and quickly took hold in our SLT program. From there he became a weekend House Supervisor at the Discipleship House. His amazing smile is sure to turn heads!

Jonathan Langille

Communications Coordinator

Jonathan Langille is our in-house computer nerd who brings creativity and imagery to Jericho Road. His position in Social Marketing & Brands Communications has helped us shape the public face of Jericho Road.

Keltie Davidson

Friend of Jericho

Keltie has been a good friend and partner to us here at Jericho for many years now. As the Executive Director of Capital City Mission, Keltie is a regular badass and lover of community. CCM partners with Jericho Road every year for Coldest Night of the Year.

John McCloskey


Johnny has been one of the stable faces here at Jericho Road. He first joined us in 1998 and celebrated 8 years sober in 2022.

Doug & Linda Sprunt

Friend of Jericho

Doug was a board member here at Jericho for many years. His involvement started with a simple class and has evolved from there. Now, he is a consistent and welcomed face in the lives of our clients. We are proud to have you along this journey with us!

Shawn Haley

Addiction Services Coordinator

Shawn has been a part of the team for almost 4 years. His passion for recovery is evident in the way he works with others. His compassion for the still suffering addict is a light where there appears to be no hope. We are honored to have him as a part of the team - we even laugh at his dad jokes, sometimes.

Pete Cleroux


Big Pete has been around with us for a long time - like 25 years long. His smile & compassion light up every room. Pete has celebrated over 30 years sober!

Danielle Versluis

Friend of Jericho

Danielle is an administrator extraordinaire. She does it all. Danielle’s knowledge and expertise brought us out of the dark ages and into the light. Hallelujah! Seriously, we are grateful for your time and energy you put here.

Hope Versluis

Friend of Jericho

Hope Versluis was the Executive Director here at Jericho Road for over 10 years. She is a major part of who we are today, and the growth that we have seen in recent years.

Conor Avery

Friend of Jericho

Conor graduated the Discipleship house in early 2020. He is a proud father, and a dedicated worker. Conor has a passion for making music, and recently released a single, Simple Man. The character he has built during his recovery is as chiseled as his jaw line. We are proud to call you brother.

James Gollner


James is a recent graduate who has jumped into recovery with both feet. We are honoured to have him serve as an SLT with his amazing tech and communication skills!

Cecil Miller


Cecil is another long-term resident here at Jericho Road. He has been with us many years and he has become one of those familiar faces that we all love.

David Hood

Board Member

David is another leader in our community and the head pastor at Southeast City Church. His insight and wisdom as the new Spiritual Director has given Jericho much needed guidance.

Kevin Williams

Executive Director

Oh Kevin. The infamous Kevin. Of all the things I could say about Kevin, one is that we love you. Since becoming the Director of Addictions, Kevin has helped shape Jericho Road into our current 12 step model for recovery where his experience, strength and hope have reached every corner of our lives. Now as the Executive Director, we look forward to the continued vision he has for Jericho Road.

Jordan Fiveash

House Supervisor

Jordan has worked this program to the best of his ability, and it shows! Jordan is a leader in our community among the residents and graduates. Service keeps you sober!

Ashley Gibbons

Board Member

Ashley is one of our newest board members, and one of our friends from Restoring Hope Ministries. We a thrilled to have her on the board, as she brings expertise in the area of addictions and social services.

James Latham


James is a graduate of the Discipleship House. His passion and enthusiasm for cooking and being of service shows us a true heart for recovery.

Matt Dagenais

Friend of Jericho

Matt Dagenais is a champ. His willingness and dedication to Jericho Road and what we call “a new way to live” is inspiring. We are blessed with his presence.

Glen Scammell

House Supervisor

Glen has been with us for a little bit now, and we are grateful for his service and dedication since graduating the Discipleship House. Glen works with our long-term residents as a house supervisor.

Richard Thompson


Richard is one of the most hardworking and determined men we know. He always has a smile on, and we are so fortunate to have his presence in our homes.

Josh Colpitts

House Supervisor

Josh has become a valued member of our community and is a weekend House Supervisor. His recovery shows through everything he does.

Amy Lauber

Continuing Care Coordinator

Amy’s compassion, tolerance, understanding and empathy allow her to be present for the needs of our clients. She is always ready to lend a hand, ear or kick in the butt when necessary. Her hard work, dedication and smile are nothing but assets to us at Jericho Road.

Current News

Jericho Road is turning 30!

Join us for our Annual Celebration Meeting on June 8th and celebrate this milestone with us!

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