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My name is Brian Wall and I have had the privilege of serving on the board at Jericho Road for the past couple of years.

I first heard about Jericho Road through my church several years ago. People at my church have been helping out on the Thursday night community center nights (pre-COVID) and I volunteered to help out a couple of times.

Brian Wall - Board Treasurer

About 4 years ago, one of my friends realized he had a drinking problem and went to Jericho road. While he was attending the program, JR was able to help him with his alcohol addiction and I learned a bit more about the program that JR offered but still didn’t see the full picture.

About 3 years ago, I was asking God to open a door for me to serve outside of my church. God never fails to answer and I was given an opportunity to serve on the board at Jericho Road. I was able to get to know the Godly people who serve on the board and the staff at Jericho Road. Its been a great experience to see the passion and love they have to serve the men who attend the programs.

I have been able to grow in my faith as a result and to see men’s lives changed. I have also begun to more fully understand the addiction process.

I remember being able to attend/observe a Bible study at the discipleship house. What a great privilege to see how the men looked into the scripture as well as went through the 12 step process. I could see how God was working in their lives and the community they were building first hand. Through this experience, I could see up close why Jericho Road is different and why it has a good success rate in changing lives.

Over the past several years, I have been able to see how God has provided for JR. Even with all the issues that COVID has caused this past year, I can see how God has helped to provide for the financial needs at JR.

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