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Hiring - Continuing Care House Supervisor

Job Description:

As part of the Jericho Road staff and in alignment with the JRM mission and vision of addiction recovery and mental health support, House Supervisors are responsible to supervise the residents and to maintain house and program routines. Continuing Care House Supervisors will work under the supervision of the Continuing Care Coordinator.

The starting position is for 20 hours a week at $16.75 per hour, with room for growth.

People with lived experience are encouraged to apply!

Key Specific Responsibilities:

  • Be attentive to individual client’s stressors, limitations and needs.

  • Encourage and support clients in maintaining a clean house, interior and exterior & report any necessary house repairs or maintenance needs.

  • Maintain daily shift log on Slack.

  • Dispense daily meds to clients, record MAR sheets, document PRN’s and med errors.

  • Facilitate medical appointments.

  • Communicate any Rx changes and refills with pharmacy and with other staff.

  • Check in with each resident daily and give residents support as needed (i.e. prayer for a specific need, reminders about laundry, meal preparation, budgeting).

  • Keep clients accountable to house rules and routines and facilitate weekly room checks.

  • Help to facilitate morning group devotions and monthly house meetings.

  • Give support in conflict resolution and respond to emergencies.

  • Organize outings and activities for residents.

  • Place weekly food bank order/Pull weekly grocery orders for each house/Pick up/deliver weekly food bank order/maintain food storage areas.

  • Maintain sufficient supplies for each house/apartment.

Minimum Job Requirements:

  • 2-5 years’ experience working with individuals with addiction and mental health issues.

  • In depth knowledge of AA/NA 12 step recovery program.

  • Valid ON driver’s license.

  • Strong organization and administrative capabilities

  • ASIST Certification and Conflict Resolution trained.

  • Alignment with the organization’s mission and values.

  • We are called to serve with humility and to lead by example. It is an expectation of JRM leadership that you will maintain an active connection with a local faith community and attend regularly. Staff with an addiction background are expected to work their addiction recovery daily.

To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to

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