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Back in December, Jericho was pleased to announce it’s vision for an expansion of the Discipleship House. That vision quickly turned into reality as Interim Executive Director, Kevin Williams and Continuing Care Coordinator, Amy Lauber sat down to flesh out this idea. After taking a moment to sit down with them, I was able to get a few answers on what this will look like, when it will start, and why it is such a needed change.

Currently the Discipleship House is a 9-bed, 9-month program and it has always been on our hearts to expand this program to serve more men with our residential addiction treatment. During the covid-19 pandemic we have seen an increase in treatment applications, and we foresee a wave of mental health and addiction issues that will be brought on due to the isolation of the pandemic.

Another issue that we faced was the transition into our Continuing Care homes. “Guys went through 9 months of intense structure, being told what to do everyday and then when they came into second stage there was a lot less structure and accountability. We needed to smooth that transition into more manageable portions." Amy mentioned.

Seeking a solution, D1 & D2 were born. Not to be confused, D1 & D2 are the same program. However, we have taken that existing 9-month program and split it into two parts. “D1 is our 6-month portion where there is a lot more structure and accountability, and the clients work the 12 steps to the best of their ability to tackle their addiction head on. The remaining 3 months, in D2, still remains structured however with a heavier focus on practical day-to-day integration.”

By putting this program into two parts, in two different houses we are able to meet the needs of more treatment beds, increasing from 9 to 14, while offering a more stable transition into a Continuing Care home, where they fully integrate back into society.

This change allows us to offer our clients the needed time to heal, while walking alongside them as they grow in relationship with themselves, God and society. Which has always been our goal.

“Our biggest thing has always been about giving people time. It takes a community to help someone overcome their substance abuse disorder. Part of that journey is that all of us heal from our trauma or hurt at different times during our journey. We have to be willing to walk out the men’s journey as long as it takes." says Kevin.

D1 & D2 is already in full swing, and we will see D2 continue to grow over the next few months.

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