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Our Voices - Mark Gauthier

Living in active addiction in the beginning was actually a bit of fun, but it surely wasn’t long before Satan’s grasp took hold and the fun stopped, and pure misery began. I could not function in my daily routines without the use of a drug to get me through. Going on a 3-6 day binge and sleeping for a day or two - the same insane scenario repeating itself over and over. Trust and reliability was lost from my family and good friends. Active addiction took away all that was most important to me. I can truly say, it was like a long slow walk in hell.

What gives me hope today is just spending time with my daughter and my son, seeing the smiles and happiness in both their faces. They accepted my apology for not being around in their lives, and they are so proud of their dad and what I have accomplished so far.

The level of trust I have from people, and the pure clean enjoyment of fun and laughter I have without the need for drugs is unbelievable. I have never thought I could attain such enjoyment, I am now looking to work a few hours a week or just volunteer as I find I have more to give back.

Mark Gauthier

2 years, 11 months clean.

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