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Rich in Experience & Wonder

Donor Highlight - Paul & Erla Hill

After moving to Ottawa in 2002, we were introduced to JR by John Westbrook, a friend of ours who is well known to the JR community. In 2004, we attended our first of several Jericho auctions and had the privilege to learn more about this vital ministry.

We have known Jericho officially for about 15 years, and around 2006 Founder Ray Demarais approached me to consider serving on the Board of Directors which I had the privilege to do so for about 6 years.

My wife Earla and I have had many opportunities to serve at the coffee house, where we have met many precious people and have been ministered to anytime we attended. CNOY is also another significant event that prompts us to rally our friends, and see what can be done to exceed our goal!

Jericho offers a holistic approach to restoration and healing that is quite unlike other experiences available. We have seen that when men respond, and help of the Holy Spirit, it miraculously touches the heart, mind and body. The stories of how men have a life changing impact through Jericho Road is nothing short of incredible and amazing. These experiences and stories quickly prompted us to respond, knowing this ministry does vital life changing work.

About seven or eight years ago at a spiritual retreat called Tres Dias, I remember significantly the energy that several attendees from Jericho brought to the dynamics of the retreat. It was fresh, energetic and also at times, extremely funny!

In conclusion, if you are in need of further blessing we would challenge you to consider getting involved with Jericho in a deeper way with your time and money.

You will be a rich recipient.

Paul & Erla

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