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Where Life Was Lost

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Alumni Poetry

Where life was lost a soul imprisoned

A conscience dwelling in the unforbidden

No light to be seen no love to be felt

This dark dark tunnel a mere shell

Emotions are void the ever abyss

What goes right when everything’s a miss

My body is shackled and hope burned

The soot remains an everlasting turn

I am the puppet not the master

Chemicals the actor conclusion disaster

I am not ready for day but it cannot always be night

Now has come the time to start the fight

The chemical hooks being to rust

The shackles removed is a must

Many scars this human being to bear

The past is the past leave it there

The man who was prey to misery and fear

Now has outburst of laughing and cheer

This once lonely soul is out of his cell

Sobriety is here ring the bell

Jordan Fiveash

Alumni, Weekend Staff

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