Teamwork is not a game for the selfish. It is for those with the mindset that a win for one is a win for all.

~ Michael Bassey Johnson

Resource Hub.

It is so easy for most of us to get caught up in the chaos of the individual mindset, especially during this rapidly changing time of social distancing. Staying connected is of primary importance to the Jericho Road community, not just for the men living in our homes, but for you, our Jericho friends and supporters. Your health – body, soul and spirit – is important to us.


Please use this page to connect with recovery communities online, read related up-to-date articles, connect with Jericho Road staff and stay current on addiction news and events and how it affects our community.

News Headlines.
A Place to Connect.

Jericho Road is so pleased to announce some upcoming initiatives such as our online forum. A Place to Connect will be an online community for recovering persons and those in their circles. 

Post. Share. Recover Together. 

Our goal is to see a vast library of user generated content to be made accessible to any person seeking recovery. With this new forum you will be able connect with other recovering addicts and alcoholics, chat with people who struggle with behavioural addictions and everything in-between. 

Stay tuned as we roll out more details in the coming months. 

Employment Insurance
& COVID Related Benefits

If you have lost your job, have reduced hours or are supporting a sick dependent during this time you qualify for the emergency relief fund from the Federal Government. Find out more and apply for this benefit or regular EI benefits at the link below.

Unity in Spirit.

At Jericho Road we believe that addiction is a spiritual disease that requires a spiritual approach, as stated in 12 step literature. 

Follow the link to see some of the faith communities connected to us. 


To operate in silos is to operate in isolation. 

Recovery takes community and we love to highlight local partners and organizations.


Take a look at list, and feel free to reach out for needed services. 


Learning to become mindful is an excellent practice for those in recovery - and those not in recovery!

Here is a little playlist sourced by us of some great mediations and mindfulness videos. Woosah!

Outside Help.

There is never any shame in needing additional one-on-one support.

In fact, we recommend it. 

The Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation is offering free online counselling for Canadians. 

Primary Purpose.

We strongly believe that we were never intended to live alone, and staying connected is of primary importance to the Jericho Road community.

Checkout all the resources available, and feel free to use the chat function to speak directly to a Jericho Road staff, or send us an email.

Family Support.

A place for family and friends of the addict and alcoholic to connect with others who share the same experience. 

Every Monday. 7pm
12 Step Fellowships.

Connect with local Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous & Al-Anon meetings here in Ottawa to find peer-support through sponsorship, stepwork and recovery.


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