After the initial 9-month program, Jericho Road offers 2nd Stage homes and programming. We understand that when initial treatment ends, a life of recovery begins. We recognize the value of continuing to provide a safe and supportive environment to help the men grow in their recovery journey and as they widen their own personal community. Jericho Road Second Stage housing is a place where men get to put their new and learned skills into practice in a regular home environment; and then into their work places and social networks. We hope to maximize the ripple effect by encouraging the men to go out and live life to the full.

The majority of our 1st Stage residents choose to live in one of our 2nd Stage homes after initial treatment. Continued discipleship is the goal, and we strongly encourage our men to remain in the recovery process by being involved in volunteer positions, leadership and mentoring roles within their community and with 1st Stage residents.

Jericho Road does not put a time-frame on the length of stay available to our 2nd Stage residents. We understand that each man who walks through our doors will have different needs in regard to housing and long-term support. Since we value continued connection, we always welcome and encourage past residents to maintain the relationships developed within Jericho Road and to visit as often as they wish, even if it's just for quick hello.

We recommend the men continue:

  • Living a life of honesty, open-mindedness and willingness;

  • Regular 12-Step meeting attendance;

  • Sponsorship connection;

  • Daily devotionals;

  • Mentoring within Jericho and 12-Step fellowships;

  • Community service volunteering;

  • A connection to a faith community


The values we hold in 2nd Stage allow for the freedom of personal choice and opportunities to expand into the community. We still provide daily structure but understand that as men grow in their lives, more flexibility is required.

We offer mentoring opportunities for men seeking more experience and training in leadership and in improving their work skills, through a Servant Leader in Training internship. This is a 3 to 6 month internship program which graduates can apply for after completing the 1st Stage residency.