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What is Unchain the Cycle?


Most people struggling with addiction have a resume and track record full of holes – which makes it challenging to fully integrate back into society.

Unchain the Cycle is a peer-to-peer fundraising initiative that focuses on the success and journey of each individual while raising money for the Servant-Leaders in Training internship offered by Jericho Road. By sharing your story of success and recovery on Social Media you are helping to raise awareness of the ongoing process of recovery.

Since the start of the SLT internship in 2018 Jericho Road has been able to provide 10 men with on-the-job experience, while teaching healthy relationship skills and cultivating peer mentoring.

With your help, we can drastically increase this number by allowing more of our graduates to participate in the re-integration initiative and help them see that they matter.


Community inspires.

Jericho Road Ministries is where recovery is lived one day at a time and each person is celebrated - because we all matter. Cultivating the seed of recovery inspires us to build thriving lives of hope, health and purpose.


community refreshes.

Today, our residents both past and present, are consistently supported with an open-door policy to all our homes. By providing our residents with ongoing support and training programs we are able to keep the connection first. Jericho Road supports these men along their journey to ongoing sustainability, moving them from just survival to living life to the full.


community challenges.

By investing in our re-integration initiative, you enable more men to participate in our Servant-Leader in Training (SLT) program where men gain on-the-job training and practical experience, while developing healthy relationships skills.


How Can you Help?

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