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addiction to connection

Family Support

Outside of our residential program, Jericho Road aims to create ripples of change within our community. Since addiction is a family disease, those closest to the person with a substance use disorder can find their lives becoming unmanageable. Sometimes without us even realizing. At Jericho Road we strongly believe strength is in numbers, and no one needs to walk this journey alone.

Troubled by someone else's use?

Answer these quick questions to see if Family Support is right for you!

It's a family disease

Those closest to a person with a substance use disorder can commonly be overlooked. So, we have created a space specifically for them. Together, let’s navigate the hold that addiction places on us. Hosted by Amy Lauber, Continuing Care Coordinator, we maintain an anonymous, safe and confidential space for open discussion and support.

There are no costs to attend, however donations are always welcomed to help keep things running.

Get support.

  • Every meeting starts with a short teaching on a recovery topic

  • Each meeting follows with discussion and sharing time, focusing on the newcomer.

  • Family Support is open for all who wish to attend.


To join, please reach out to Amy.

A Place to Connect

Join the Family Support Forum as a place to connect with others, and share experience, strength and hope. Check back often for new resources, or better yet, signup and post your own!

Our Primary Purpose

We maintain an anonymous, safe and confidential space for open discussion and support. Focusing on those who are new to the concept of recovery, and what we can do to support one another.

Other Fellowships

Find peer-support through sponsorship, stepwork and recovery every day of the week. Codependents Anonymous and Al-Anon are great resources when struggling with another's addiction.

Current News

It's cold out there!

Looking for a way to help us impact the lives of those struggling with addiction, homelessness and poverty?

Let's put on our boots and step out into the Coldest Night of the Year.

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