Addiction Treatment Program

We want to see people move from discouragement to hope. That is why our mission statement says Jericho Road brings God’s love and hope to lives affected by poverty, addiction and mental illness. We do this by providing a men’s 9-month residential Addiction Recovery Program, based on the 12 Step model of recovery. Our residential Addiction Recovery program give men that needed time and support to walk through this journey.

Jericho Road helps people gain purpose and connection and offers support in times of relapse and crisis. Daily structure and discipline help men overcome the chaotic routine of addiction and build a new foundation with tools and support to meet everyday challenges.

By connecting with God and community, residents are provided a safe and encouraging environment to once again face the world, with their heads held high. Living in the hope and love of Jesus Christ, we pass on this love to others, helping them gain recovery by meeting their needs for home, community, health and purpose so they can in turn pass their hope onto others.

Some of the structure we provide:

  • 12-Step models for recovery;

  • Morning devotionals and biblical studies;

  • Relapse prevention;

  • Anger management;

  • Community building exercises;

  • Addiction education;

  • Trauma informed care;

  • Community service work;

  • Life skills


Building a new foundation in life, our residents follow a daily structure which will help them grow out of their old ways of thinking and reacting, into a new life of honesty, open-mindedness and willingness. Jericho Road strongly believes that the opposite of addiction is connection. We teach abstinence based recovery, while cultivating strength through community.

Upon entering Jericho, all technological distractions are set aside so that we may fully learn to live with self and God.