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Ongoing Discipleship

Jericho Road’s Continuing Care program is a place where residents get to bring these new skills into their community, work places and social networks. We hope to maximize the ripple effect by encouraging the men to go out and live life to the full.

The majority of our treatment program graduates choose to live in one of our Continuing Care homes after initial treatment. Residents can stay in one of our Continuing Care homes for up to a year, giving them time to establish their recovery routine and safely reintegrate back into the larger society.

We strongly encourage our men to remain in the recovery process by being involved in volunteer positions, leadership and mentoring roles within their community and other residents.

Since we value continued connection, we always welcome and encourage past residents to maintain the relationships developed within Jericho Road and to visit as often as they wish, even if it's just for quick hello.

Continuing Care

Ongoing discipleship is the goal. Our Continuing Care homes are open to those who graduated our 9-month initial treatment program. We understand that when initial treatment ends, a life of recovery begins. We recognize the value of continuing to provide a safe and supportive environment to help the men grow in their recovery journey and as they widen their own personal community.

There is no person walking the face of the earth that demonstrates more courage, dignity, honesty and integrity than a person that's working a program of recovery.

Current News

Jericho Road is turning 30!

Join us for our Annual Celebration Meeting on June 8th and celebrate this milestone with us!

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